Due to the Lake Fire, the San Gorgonio Wilderness is only PARTIALLY OPEN TO USE (Vivian Creek Trail, Momyer Creek Trail, San Bernardino Peak Trail, and Forsee Creek Trail to Johns Meadow). Permit requests for any other trails or trail camps will be denied. For more information...

Welcome to the San Gorgonio Wilderness. To ensure a unique experience and a safe trip, it is in the visitor’s best interest to be both well informed and adequately prepared prior to entering the Wilderness. With this in mind please take the time to read the following information before starting the application process:

  • It is highly recommended that visitors get a detailed map of the San Gorgonio Wilderness prior to planning their trip. The map, and other hiking essentials, along with the Wilderness permit should be carried with you throughout your visit. Maps may be purchased at the San Bernardino National Forest Ranger stations, local sporting goods stores, or at the SGWA Backcountry Store on this website.

  • The San Gorgonio Wilderness is home to the California Black Bear. While bear encounters are not common in the Wilderness, knowing what to do and what not to do while recreating in their habitat is vital. To help ensure your safety, as well as the safety of the bears, we encourage all visitors to read the bear awareness information found here.

  • The National Forest Adventure Pass is required for each car parked at the Momyer, Vivian Creek, or South Fork trailheads. The Adventure Pass is in addition to the Wilderness permitHere are a few guidelines to avoid any confusion between the two: The Adventure Pass is purchased and then displayed in your parked vehicle. The Wilderness permit is free and is carried on your person while hiking. For detailed information on the Adventure Pass program and locations where they can be purchased, please click HERE.

  • The San Gorgonio Wilderness has eight trailheads offering a variety of access points. You may click on the appropriate links for more detailed information on:

  • The following page links are under construction for your use in the future:
    • Equestrian & Stock Animals
    • Large Groups (12 or more) or Organizations (i.e. Boy, Girl Scout groups)
    • Winter Travel    

    FINAL INSTRUCTIONS (Adobe 8.0 Reader required! )

    1. If using Adobe 8.0 Reader, fill out the permit request online (using your keyboard, mouse, and/or TAB key to move from field-to-field; links below). Entries must be completed in all boxes, including second choices. Incomplete requests will not be approved. If using an earlier Adobe version, please print the form and complete with an ink pen.
    2. Once completed, review the information and then print the document. Review the Wilderness regulations and initial where indicated, then sign and date your request. Fax or mail the completed request to the Mill Creek Ranger Station at the number/address provided.
    3. Direct all questions regarding Wilderness permits to the Mill Creek Ranger Station (909) 382-2882. The San Gorgonio Wilderness Association does NOT issue permits. Please allow a minimum of five days to process your permit!
    Wilderness permit requests are accepted up to 90 days in advance.  Since there are trailhead and campsite quotas (limits) we encourage you to plan ahead so you will be able to enter at your first choice trailhead and camp at your first choice campsites if staying overnight.  This is especially critical during the busy summer months and on holiday weekends.  Some trailheads and campsites fill up weeks in advance.  

    Please allow a minimum of five days to process your permit! The Mill Creek Ranger Station is the only location where these permit requests are processed, and since it is closed Monday through Wednesday and on some holidays, permits cannot be processed on these dates.  

    We will fax or mail either the permit (if it has been approved) or the denied request (if the quota is full) back to you.  We can also leave permits outside the station for pickup outside business hours.  Please note that this method is not foolproof - sometimes permits left outside get stolen or damaged.  Faxing or mailing is thus the preferred method.  Please indicate at the bottom of the request form how you want the permit returned.

    Permits cannot be emailed back to you.

    We may not be able to telephone you to fix incomplete requests, so please take the time to fill out the form in its entirety including signature at the bottom. Thank you!

    Click the appropriate link:

    Day Hike Wilderness Permit Request  |  Overnight Wilderness Permit Request