San Gorgonio Wilderness Panoram

Click the screen to see the QTVR Summit Panorama!


photo by Steve Courtway
This digital composite of eight images was mage by Steve Courtway in April 2002, and looks toward Yucaipa Ridge and Mt. San Jacinto (left background). Galena Peak is found right of center. CLICK the photograph for an enlarged view.

This assemblage of images was taken by Harry Jones on 19 October 1999, and features all directional aspects except for that of dead north. If you stand on the summit proper of San Gorgonio, this is the view you'll take in. Many thanks to Billy Hulting for the help in assembling these images.

This assemblage of images was taken by Peter Orth on 15 June 2000 and looks south toward 'The Tarn' (above the treeline, foreground). Beyond the Tarn is the South Summit of San Gorgonio, and beyond that is Mt. San Jacinto (10,804'). Just right of the Tarn - partially obscured by the slope in the foreground - is the Dragon's Head