Find Your Dreams on the Top of Southern California

Almost every business owner dreams of greater success. Smart business owners know that realization of dreams takes timely action.

If you or someone you know has a business that could benefit from some very positive marketing, here is a great opportunity. Now is your chance to take action before someone else grabs that opportunity.

We are offering what we believe is a very unique and valuable marketing opportunity for southern California businesses. Businesses choosing to sponsor our award winning volunteer program through monetary contributions can become known to millions for sponsoring the care of "The Top of Southern California." The San Gorgonio Wilderness is truly the top of southern California with a dozen peaks over 10,000 feet including the highest point in southern California - San Gorgonio Mountain at 11,499 feet. The San Gorgonio Wilderness, 75 miles east of Los Angeles, is an island paradise in a sea of millions of people. With many streams, two lakes, deer, bear, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep, it is a premier recreation destination.

Every time people for 50 miles around look up and see the peaks of the San Gorgonio Wilderness they will recall, with respect and gratitude, the businesses that sponsor the protection and maintenance of that Wilderness and surrounding forest. In a sense, those businesses would have the biggest, most visible billboard in all of southern California.

We are looking for a few high quality major sponsors with whom we can have a mutually beneficial partnership. If you can provide monetary support, we can provide a lot of highly respected ad space. If you think that may be you or someone you know, please call us at  (909) 382-2906. If no one is in, please leave a message for Val Silva, Volunteer Coordinator.