San Gorgonio Wilderness Journal

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Vivian Creek Trail - June 16-18, 2008
Monday 16th was my first hike on the Vivian Creek trail. It was beautiful! I saw a deer running from the east side of the Vivian Creek Camp slope. On Wednesday 18th, I was on my way back from High Creek, once again walking through Vivian Creek Camp and I saw a bear gradually walking across the trail. Needless to say, because it was my first encounter with a bear, I quickly ducked behind a tree (before the bear could see me) and started praying. At the same time, I started blowing my whistle as loud as I could (still hiding behind the tree). When I had stopped blowing my whistle, I slowing peeked from behind the tree to see the bear trying to identify where the sound was coming from. I kept on praying. Finally, the bear continued on his way up the east slope of Vivian Creek Camp. It was then that I realized I was in the WILD!
D. Peters
Apple Valley, Ca.


San Bernardino Peak Trail - June 18-19, 2008
Made an overnight to the top of San Bernardino peak. Started at Angeles Oaks on Wed. June 18 and came down Thurs., June 19 (2008). The only water we found was at Limber pine springs--and the flow was good. Trail is in excellent shape except for a couple of felled trees. Hazy once at the top, so views were a bit occluded. Evening temps got a little on the cool side--probably in the mid forties--guess only. I could see that there are still some patches of snow around the top of San Gorgonio just as there are some patches near the top of San Bernardino pk.  Didn't see any large wildlife--bears, raccoons, or lions. Too bad . . . that would've been nice. Did hear woodpeckers and of course saw many lizards and squirrels. 

J Rivet
Long Beach, Ca