How Can You Help YOUR San Gorgonio Wilderness?

There are four great ways in which you can help:

1. You can help by becoming a contributing member (annual renewal). Contributing members gain the satisfaction of helping to conserve a valuable resource, receive the SGWA newsletter, and get a 20% discount on merchandise sold by the SGWA in Forest Service visitor centers. All proceeds will be used for patrolling and maintaining trails in and around the San Gorgonio Wilderness, operating the Barton Flats and Mill Creek Visitor Centers, and providing visitor information services and nature programs - all in and around your San Gorgonio Wilderness. Click here to become a contributing member.

2. You can help by becoming a volunteer. Please see our Volunteer Opportunities page for more details. The Volunteer Program is best suited to local Southern California residents as neither the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association or the United States Forest Service offer room and board or stipends for volunteers in the program. Volunteers will also need transportation to commute between their residence and the place of volunteer duty (there is NO public transportation available).

3. Register and choose the SGWA each time you shop, and get special deals at top stores like Cabelas, Champs Sports and Sunny Sports.The SGWA receives a percentage of all purchases originated as click-through's from this site - this is at NO additional cost or effort to you!

4. You can help by making payroll deductions through Earth Share of California – the world’s leading environmental and conservation charities working together.

Through Earth Share you can make a payroll deduction donation that helps to preserve and protect the environment – locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. And you can choose to help specific organizations such as the SGWA.

Earth Share not part of your employer’s workplace giving campaign? The SGWA would like to help you with that. Please contact Val Silva by email.

No matter the method of giving you choose, the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association values your effort and greatly thanks you for your support. Together we can help preserve and protect the San Gorgonio Wilderness for generations to come.