Awards and Accolades

for Overall Wilderness Stewardship Program. October 2009

2008 Best of Mentone Non-Profit Organization Award

2009 Best of Mentone Non-Profit Organization Award

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Just outside Los Angeles, the magnificent San Bernardino Mountains rise in apparent isolation from the chaos of the Basin. But in fact, they are heavily used by the millions at their feet. This worthy group augments the thin resources of the National Forest Service, cleaning trails, leading nature walks and more, as this page explains.

Majon award

Majon's "Seal Of Excellence  Award"
August, 1997

Netgiver award

  1996 NetGiver Award.

Cornell Award

July 22-July 29, 1996

Cyberhikes Award For Most Outstanding Hiking Web Site

CyberHikes "Outstanding Hiking Website" - March 1998 

"What a wonderful web site, but more importantly, what a wonderful group of people.  SGVA members have contributed thousands and thousands of hours protecting the land they love and serving others who visit there. I frequently get the opportunity to address San Bernardino National Forest volunteers, and am usually not capable of finding the right words to express the gratitude all of us Forest Service employees have for the work you all do. Without our volunteers, partners, and other friends, we would be trying to shut the door, but instead, we throw it open proudly.  My dream is that every volunteer will be an advocate for the Forest.  And if we collectively can build enough of an advocacy, taking care of this special place will be something our National Leadership can't turn its back on."
Gene Zimmerman, Forest Supervisor,
San Bernardino National Forest
11 November 1998

"My name is Matthew McClintock and I did my internship as a Volunteer Ranger there at San Gorgonio in the summer of 1989.   It is great to see such a wonderful  site all dedicated to the San Gorgonio Wilderness. The summer I spent there was the best of my life and I will cherish those memories forever. Thanks again for bringing Old Gray Back to my computer.  Keep   up the good work."
Matthew McClintock

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the fantastic information you provide on the SGVA site. While I would like to spend every available minute in the local mountains life doesn't always allow it. I can always get away for a brief moment by going to your site. I really appreciate the trail condition listing and used it often this past winter."
Jeff Francisco, Riverside, CA

"Thanks for the great images. Its been 3 yrs since I've been out and up that way. Checking out your site made me pull out the pic albums".
JC - on Ft. Pierce Beach FL

"Although I've had tentative plans to "someday" visit the San Gorgonio area, last Friday (July 31), at about 11:00 a.m., my mind was definitely made up.   As the TWA flight I was riding aboard turned toward the west in preparation for final approach into LAX, the magnificence of the San Gorgonio Massif came into view. As a geography type person, I long ago acquired knowledge of where and what was "up there", but for some reason this particular mountain became lost in the shuffle of my busy life."

"I would like to congratulate you on the web site that you've created. Well done.  I'm sure the information will be of great use during the hiking and skiing trips I have planned over the next few months".
Randall Bouza

"Excellent job with the site, by the way... very useful information and good presentation. It is easy to find the info I am looking for on your site, unlike others."
Tony R.

"I was quite impressed. I would like to thank all members (especially those originals) for their concern of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. I sensed all of you involved with this organization have a true love and appreciation for this precious section of the Sierra Nevada."
Chris M.

"First off, let me commend you on a great site. I came across it a few months ago, & every time I come back, I always find something new & interesting."
Stephen C.

"Well organized, lots of info. Your site is great - one of the better backcountry area sites I have seen. I am an LA native, now in CO, thinking of coming back. Your site makes it look like I won't have to sell my teles."
Adam R.

"When I was a kid, I realized the reason my father could tell me the names of plants and birds (by their call, too) was that he'd studied biology and botany as a student. Never did I dream, when I came to your site yesterday that I'd be able to learn it all HERE! THANKS! What a wonderful job you've done."
Ann L. 

What a wonderful resource!!!   I wish Desolation Wilderness had such a dedicated volunteer organization to provide such a great website.
Mike C.

"Thanks so much for such a well crafted web site. It is one of the most outstanding and informative sites I have ever come across."
Mark A. 

USDA Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to the San Gorgonio Volunteer Association

In recognition of your being selected to receive the Chief's 1992 Volunteer's Program National Award for your invaluable contributions to the Pacific Southwest Region in all areas of Forest management and lending support wherever it is needed on the San Bernardino National Forest, San Gorgonio Ranger District.

Ronald E. Stuart, Regional Forester-Pacific Southwest  May 26, 1992


"Hello, SGVA:

I can't find adequate words to express how much I enjoyed your page. I'm a native of Riverside and the San G. wilderness served as a backcountry "nursery" where Ι gained my earliest experiences as a hiker and backpacker. I climbed Mount San Bernardino and Mount San Gorgonio numerous times as a Boy Scout and college student; in my 20s the wilderness area served as backyard paradise that I could escape to when I needed quick day hike options. Now, I'm old and fat and living in the Pacific Northwest, where I still get outdoors as a Scoutmaster -- but I've got to admit some of the pix on your page made me misty eyed. Perhaps I'll make a trip down south and see if I can still bag Greyback!
Best wishes.
Paul R. Huard
Medford, Ore.

"You folks have a fabulous web site; truly a model of excellence in the outdoor information/awareness/appreciation/service field. Checking in occasionally makes it even sadder that I cannot make it into your neck of the woods more often.
Henry Hall

"Your personal cover-letter made me aware
of your web site - in my opinion TRULY, STUNNINGLY, OUTSTANDING (author's emphasis) - which, in turn, has sparked this letter to you."
Mr. Hall
(in reference to receipt of a Thank You from the SGVA for his kind donation)

"The next time you're working at the website and cussin', remember that it's one of the best out there. Keep up the excellent work. Wow!"
John H.

"Again, awesome web site and GREAT photos!"
Al B.

"You have done an outstanding job putting together the SGVA website. I like the Trail Conditions, Wilderness Trails, and Backcountry Store the best……….and none the least."

"I found your website while on a business trip to Pasadena from Virginia. Picked one of your trails (Vivian Creek) and had a great day. You all do a superb job at this site and in the SG Wilderness. Thanks!"
Richard W.

"A well organized site."
Robin P.

"Makes me want to get up and drive to the Wilderness."

"Thank you for making all that information about San Gorgonio Trails available to all of us outdoors lovers! The pictures are great and tempting and all the information is a big help."

"As a leader for the Sierra Club I've obtained lots of helpful information to help me plan my outings. Thanks for the fine job on the site - keep up the good work."
Ray - Hundred Peaks Section, Sierra Club

"I think that the web site on the San Gorgonio Wilderness is perhaps the most enjoyable and useful of all the web sites that I have visited since I started about two years ago. Thanks, and keep up the good work."
Ken L.